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What We Have Learned

We received our first shipment of cigars in July of 2018 and it was, at the same time, the most thrilling and daunting feeling. It was the realization that: 1. Emperors Cut Cigars was a real business entity. 2. We had a lot of cigars to sell. 

We started our journey defining ourselves as a “digital” business; that we would shake up the world as an online cigar company…and get rich in our sleep. How naïve of us. What we learned is that this is a high touch point industry. We understood how fickle and particular cigar enthusiast are around their choice of cigars. However, what we learned and have come to appreciate is the importance of socialization and interaction in this tight-knit community. Cigar smokers like to be together – smoking, imbibing in great conversation and so on. The emergence of cigar lounges has created social hubs offering a fun, relaxing and non-judgmental haven for those who enjoy a smoke. 

So, what we ascertained in a rather slow manner (no one ever said we are geniuses) was that we needed to be where smokers dwell. It is sort of like fishing in that you have to cast your line where you know the fish are otherwise you get only nibbles and very few bites. Once we adjusted our approach and created strategic alliances with select cigar lounges and retail outlets the flood gates of love and support took place.

We have been helped by enthusiastic and supportive owners of cigar lounges and shops.  Beautiful people in Detroit, Oklahoma, Houston (our home), Atlanta and Dallas have advanced an impressive ground game to spread the word to other smokers Emperors Cut Natural Pleasure is a cigar to try. And because of the social nature of the cigar community both in person and via Social Media notoriety of our brand continues to spread. This is the power of the cigar community. We have only just begun to tap into its vastness – this is what our leader, Darnell, has admonished us to do more. Expect to see us soon via events, private parties and at select cigar lounges and shops. We want to know you. Equally important to us is that you know the members of Emperors Cut Cigars. 

We are honored to know you. We are honored to call you EC Family. 

Join our lifestyle.

With love and respect,